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Frederick A. "Tex" Dawson
28 août 1924 - 6 janvier 2021
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<div itemprop="description">Frederick A.”Tex”Dawson died suddenly on Wednesday, January 6th in Pointe Claire, QC, at the age of 96. <br> <br>Tex was born on August 28, 1924 in Winnipeg to Thomas Dawson and Lelia Irene Snider; younger brother to Howard. <br>The family lived in Edmonton and Toronto before settling in Montreal. Tex enrolled at Westhill High School, where he began life long friendships, played football and met Jean ‘’Hap’’Townsend. WW2 took him overseas; but in 1948, Tex and Hap were married. And were a couple until Hap’s death in 2016. <br> <br>Tex thrived as an architect in Montreal designing commercial buildings, pavilions for the 1967 World’s Fair, and the award-winning Notre Dame De Pompei Church at Rue Sauve E. Plans for the church have been saved by the Ordre des Architectes du Québec. <br> <br>Tex was also well known as an illustrator and painter. In 1982 he began a long collaboration with the Gazette, illustrating Montreal for Edgar A. Collard. <br> <br>His paintings hang in collections all over the world. <br> <br>In 2002, Tex was awarded the Queen’s Medal during her jubilee year. <br> <br>In 2005, The Year of the Veteran; Tex decided to participate. He was a veteran of WW2; and had lost his brother to it as well. <br> <br>He began a tour, with Hap, of towns country wide. He found and painted old cenotaphs. Most of them dated to the Great War. He painted them in heroic scale. <br> <br>These paintings hang in permanent exhibition at The Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. <br> <br>Tex was very involved in a service group called “The Fossils”. They supported kid’s camps, and their annual money-maker was a show. And what a show! Every show had original book and score, much of which written by Tex. That way he always wrote himself a great part. He was a terrific performer! <br> <br>In 2013, Tex and Hap sold their beloved house in Rosemere, where they were pioneers, and moved into a sunny apartment at The Wellesley in Pointe Claire. There he created mammoth murals of Old Montreal on every wall of the dining room. A particular wall depicting the Pointe Claire Windmill was dedicated by the Mayor of PC: https://images.app.goo.gl/7ofuqx3VsVnWurpN6. <br> <br>The family wants to thank everyone at The Wellesley. They have been kind and wonderful to a person. <br> <br>Tex is survived by his daughter, Suzanne (Don), his son Bruce and grandchildren Jérémie and Camille Garcia- Dawson. And his dear companion Grace Maheu. There will be no service at this time. A Celebration of a Life Well- Lived will occur when we can gather. <br> <br>One of his favorite charities was the Old Brewery Mission. <br>www.donation@missionoldbrewery.ca <br>514-788-1884 <br> <br> <br> <br></div>