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Juliet Hector Louis
15 mars 1931 - 20 décembre 2020
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<div itemprop="description">Juliet Hector Louis : Sunrise March 15 1931 in Tobago. Sunset Sunday December 20, 2020 in Montreal. <br> <br>Juliet migrated from Trinidad and Tobago 1965 lived on Barclay St, Montreal Canada. She went back to Trinidad to marry her sweetheart Cephas Louis in 1966 came back with him to Montreal. They moved to St Hubert, on the South Shore lived there for thirty-nine years. <br>Juliet was a very special woman and a mother to many people whose heart and hands were blessed loved cooking and entertaining. <br> <br>She left behind her two children Gail and Dale, six grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, her two brothers and sister, nephews, and cousins and loving friends. <br> <br>Well her time has come to say good night to this world. "Mama Juliet we all love you and do hope and pray that your soul may be at peace, and that you are in the hands and light of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rest well. Amen..." <br> <br></div>