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Nicola Felli
May 31, 1939 - June 9, 2021
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<div itemprop="description">It is with profound sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our loving father Nicola Felli, aged 82, in the morning hours of Wednesday, June 9, 2021. He passed away very suddenly of heart failure due to some unforeseen circumstances, alone in his home. He was unwell in the last few months of his life as he was managing his diabetes, high blood pressure and low iron deficiency. He survived 2 moderate heart attacks, had just finished his 4th year of cancer remission and was undergoing chemo injections at the Oncology Dept. at Lakeshore General Hospital for a possible leukemia that appeared to develop this past year. <br> <br>He was a beloved "Papa" to Loreta (Sebastiano), Kathy (d. 2015) and Nicky (d. 1971). He was a loving “Nonno Nicola” to our children, Sabrina and Luciano, and to Kathy's children, Sofia and Adriano. He was the former spouse of (my Mamma) Cesarina Tedeschi (d. 2020). He was in a loving relationship for almost 34 years with Nitsa Pandelidis who wrote on her Facebook account, "It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news of the passing of my friend and companion, Nicola Felli. Today (June 13, 2021) marks what would have been 34 years of friendship. I will miss my partner in life." Loving brother to Romualda, Maria Louisa (d. 2015), and Giulia (d. 2020). He was & will always be loved, cherished, respected, and missed by many nieces, nephews, cousins, family, relatives and friends. <br> <br>He was born in San Pelino, Avezzano, Acquila, Italy and out of four kids he was the only boy. Having three sisters around gave him strength when their mom Loreta (whom I was named after) passed away when he was around 13 years old. He was always very talented and handy at making and fixing things. At that early age he began to fix bicycles at his Dad's bike shop in Italy, and anything else for that matter – he was a real "do-it-yourself" kind of guy. He taught himself how to fix cars, do plumbing, wiring, home renos and gardening. You name it – he knew it! And if he didn't know it – he learned it! <br> <br>He immigrated to Canada when he was 20, looking for a better life. He made a name for himself as a hard worker. Here in Montreal, he met my mom, (who was also from Italy and said that when she met him he was tall, dark and handsome), got married and had a family. He worked 6 days a week so that my mom could stay home and take care of my sister and me. He had his Italian high school diploma, was apprenticed in welding and after many years became a welding foreman. He enjoyed being with all his families almost every weekend; having get-togethers with relatives and friends; playing cards way past midnight; and having a nice glass of homemade vino rosso with supper! He loved watching soccer and hockey. He loved to socialize...he would say, "I'll just stay for five minutes" and it ended up being two hours or more – but we (and others) never minded that because everyone always enjoyed his company, his stories, his advice. <br> <br>He was the most loving, generous, caring, sharing, understanding, forgiving, helping, kindest and humble father anyone could ever ask for. He was an amazing human being. He had a heart of gold. He was the happiest with his grandkids! When Luciano was very young, he would affectionately call him, "Nonno à moi!" because my son adored him. My Dad would then always sweetly ask me, "How is Nonno à moi?" My Dad loved making fried chicken cutlets and pasta e fagioli for Luciano (although we think it was also because he wanted it for himself!) My Dad would always say "Madisons?!" whenever we had a birthday to celebrate as Sabrina got him hooked at eating there. <br> <br>My husband loved him like his own Dad – calling him Pa, and my Dad loved him like a son, too. He loved helping us with anything around the house (especially since he loved to save us money). He had so much fun maneuvering our rented tiny bulldozer (he was 6' tall and not slim like he used to be when he was younger, so he was snug as bug in it) and making a flat yard to install our grass sheets. He helped my husband finish the basement walls, ceilings, and floors. He fixed our faucets, car issues, and basically almost everything we asked him to fix, he was eager to help. He even came to North Wildwood, NJ with us for a one-week vacation, just to see what all the hype was about because we went every year and kept telling him how fun it was. So he said "I have to go one time and experience it with my young grandkids, right?!" <br> <br>He loved my sister and me with every fiber of his being. Although I went through a difficult time after my parents’ divorce and was distanced from him for a while, after I had my first child Sabrina (and with the insistence of my husband), we started to make amends and grew closer. I had asked him forgiveness for my mistakes during that time, and he said to me, "There is nothing to forgive – no matter what – I have and will always love you unconditionally." Eventually by the time Luciano was born, we were so close that he would come over very often and talk on the phone every day. I am so very grateful for the last 25 years of our close bond together. Without him being patient with me to let go of my anger and hurt, we would never have had what we had - the best Father/daughter relationship I could ever hope for. He loved all his grandkids, especially when they were young babies and toddlers, saying "lo mangerei!" for each huge kiss he would plant on their chubby cheeks! <br> <br>He was retired when my sister and her two young kids needed to find a place to stay in the West Island after selling her home and undergoing chemo treatments in the West Island. He immediately prepared the house for them – he painted the two spare bedrooms the favorite colors of her kids. And my sister slept on his bed while my Dad slept on the sofa (for almost two years). That is the kind of selfless father he was. Sofia and Adriano grew very attached to their Nonno during that time and he enjoyed every tiring, crazy, hectic, loving, and loud moment he had with them. <br> <br>He was always ready to lend a hand to anyone that needed his help. But he was never one to ask for help himself - ever! It was like pulling teeth to get him to admit he needed a bit of help! He always took great pride in taking care of himself, by himself. This was his only vice - never wanting to "bother" anyone. It was always "I'm ok, don't worry about me" attitude. <br> <br>He loved being with his sister Romualda - driving her to do groceries with him, going to Berchicci, having lunch together afterwards. He loved Nitsa (and all of her family and vice versa)...He enjoyed driving to Ottawa for the weekend so she could see her sister & brother-inlaw. He loved fixing things in her apartment, driving her to appointments, driving her crazy sometimes! They went on vacations together to Italy, Cuba, etc., alone, with their mutual friends and also with her families. My dad could start a conversation with anybody & everybody (a trait that I am lucky to have as well). <br> <br>I can't believe how many friends he had accumulated over the years. Nurse Josie at Lakeshore Oncology told me that she loved my dad. Nova nurses calling me to tell me he was such a sweet man. His neighbors telling me he always waved and said "Hi!" when he was outside. Asking them if they needed anything or help with something. That is how friendly & kind he was. He always taught us to be kind, respectful and considerate towards others. He always told us "Make me proud". He always believed in treating others as you would like to be treated yourself. He liked to be around happy, cheerful people. He loved to laugh and tell us stories of when he was growing up in Italy. <br> <br>Covid-19 lockdown was hard on him (and all of us) as we could not celebrate holidays or birthdays. We could not hug and kiss him. We could not do our regular get-togethers and make more memories with him since March 2020. Pa – I ask you forgiveness that I could not be there with you in your last moments on this Earth. That you were alone, and I could not save you. Caro papà - Ti prego di perdonarmi per non essere stato lì durante i tuoi ultimi momenti in questo mondo, vincino a te, quando avevi più bisogno di me. Riposa in pace in paradiso con tutti i tuoi cari. Ora sei il nostro angelo custode. Ci mancherai moltissimo e per sempre. <br> <br>Due to the Covid-19 constraints, a funeral service is limited to a small group of 40 which includes immediate family, relatives and close friends that are on the list of visitors per time slot - please respect the rules and regulations. The church is allowing 50 people and all must also be on the list in order to attend. A burial will follow on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021, at The Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetary with just the immediate family, where he will be laid in peace with his daughter and son. Pa – May God keep you safe in His arms, in His light, with His love, and with His warmth in Heaven above. You are now our Guardian Angel, and we will love and miss you forever. As Catholics it is within our deep faith In God that we take solace that he is no longer suffering and resting in peace in Heaven. <br> <br>My last words to my dad was on the phone the night before he passed away - it was (as always) " I love you, Papa" - and his reply "I love you too, Lolo" (a nickname that my sister gave me when she was a toddler, so my dad and mom kept it - only they could call me that!)...and that is what I am most grateful for - that he heard me say it one last time before he got his Angel wings. Fly in the Heavens with all your loved ones Pa - be free...Ti amo Papa - forever and ever. <br> <br>In lieu of flowers, please make donations in his memory to Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation-Oncology Dept, Canadian Cancer Society, Nova Nurses of West Island, The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada, and the CLSC Pierrefonds. <br> <br>Sympathy cards can be mailed to: <br>Loreta Felli <br>185 Rue Choquette <br>D.D.O., QC, Canada <br>H9A 3H1 <br> <br>It is with great sincerity that we thank you all for your condolences and your kindness during this most difficult time. <br>È con grande sincerità che ringraziamo tutti voi per le vostre condoglianze e la vostra gentilezza in questo momento così difficile. <br>C'est avec une grande sincérité que nous vous remercions tous pour vos condoléances et votre gentillesse durant cette période des plus difficiles.</div>